Advanced Data Analytics

Challenges of Advanced Data Analytics

Most companies need effective ways to enhance and maintain their assets and operations at a level of quality and service meriting support from the public via investment. Achieving that goal typically involves complex decision-making and tackling problems through advanced data analytics; data analysis allows for the development and application of the best possible solutions.

Weris’s Value Proposition

Weris helps companies and organizations fully harness the power of their operations and analytic capabilities. Weris’s expertise in advanced data analytics focuses on robust quantitative services to help inform complex decisions by understanding the probable costs, risks, and performance outcomes for our clients and customers.


  • Asset maintenance
  • Cost estimations
  • Data mining
  • Data visualization
  • Enhancement strategies
  • Execution procedures
  • Framework testing
  • Key performance measures
  • Lifecycle costs and return on investment
  • Mathematical models (principles, objective functions, and constraints)
  • Operations research
  • Optimization programs and strategies
  • Practical analysis frameworks
  • Predictive analytics
  • Procedures for solution framework
  • Resource allocation
  • Solution derivations
  • Trend analysis

Project Examples

Advanced Data Analytics

Information Technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Operations Research, Transportation

I-66 Dynamic Toll Pricing Modeling and Simulation

Advanced Data Analytics

Aviation, Defense, Operations Research, Security, Transportation

USDOD Defense Travel Program Support

Advanced Data Analytics

Aviation, Defense, Information Technology, Security, Transportation

TSA Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transportation

FHWA Strategic Communications Support